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Alisha Grauso

Giant Freakin Robot has a cool bit on their site called "Sci-Fi Shorts" in which they take, well, feature a different sci-fi short each time. I didn't say the name was creative, just cool.

This time, they're featuring festival circuit Payload, which tells the story of one family struggling to survive in a rough-and-tumble Australian town which has grown up around the base of a giant space elevator used to transport people and cargo into orbit. The movie focuses on the harsh life and dangerous realities of living in a place where things are resolved through money and violence. The family attempts to keep its head down and get by, but those corrupt individuals in power eventually notice them, and the family is forced into a horrible double bind in which neither choice is a happy one.

You can hop on over to their website to read an interview with the director, Stuart Willis. Check out the full short below:

Payload is being developed into a feature, where it will soon join the influx of gritty sci-fi films we have hitting our screens in the next few years. In the meantime, make sure to click [[follow]] so you can keep up to date with the latest on this project.



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