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As the name suggests, The Assassination Of Gianna Versace: American Crime Story is probably going to be high drama when it hits screens next year — and our first look at the series' biggest star in-character suggests it'll also be the campest thing this side of a Christmas Eve Moulin Rouge!-themed costume party held in a chic Parisian penthouse where even the doorman wears drag.

I'm not saying that's how I spend my Christmas Eves, but I'm not saying it's not.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly just released an exclusive preview of Crime Story Season 2, and it's fair to say that anybody who's ever worshipped at the well-heeled altar of Donatella Versace is about to freak out.

My hopes for Penelope Cruz's interpretation of Italy's numero uno platinum diva and fashion house goddess were already absurdly high, but this picture obliterates all expectations and leaves little room for doubt that The Assassination Of Gianna Versace, despite its dark subject matter, will spend plenty of time celebrating the high-class, high-trash lifestyles of the Versace clan.

Ryan Murphy's series also stars Glee's Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan, the man who murdered Donatella's brother and Versace boss Gianni. Edgar Ramirez plays the murder victim, Ricky Martin is Gianni's longtime partner, and New Girl's Max Greenfield plays the elder Versace sibling, Santo. (He's at least twenty years too young, so here's hoping he'll be buried under ridiculous old-man prosthetics.)

The Versace series of is filming back-to-back with Katrina, which was originally supposed to air first (that one stars Murphy faves like Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr.), but now seems to be coming later. Expect Assassination to hit FX sometime in early 2018, and let's pray that the real Donatella gives an honest assessment of how well La Cruz steps into her towering stilettos.


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