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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

Gotham has been exploring the Batman mythology in much more detail during its third season with the re-birth of Ivy, the arrival of the Mad Hatter and Bruce and Selina's budding romance finally taking off. However, there is one relationship that has everybody talking and that is the relationship between Edward Nygma and Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot. Several weeks ago, hints were dropped to suggest that their friendship could be more than just platonic and the romantic undertones were definitely developed further in following episodes when Penguin admitted that he had fallen in love with Ed.

However, our hopes of ever becoming a reality were halted when the mysterious Isabella was introduced as a new love interest for Nygma. The unusual thing about Isabella is that she bears a striking resemblance to Nygma's previous girlfriend, Kristen Kringle, who he strangled to death last season. The latest episode of the series highlighted Nygma's mental issues when he was having his doubts about this new relationship — he was seeing Kristen everywhere. The pair ultimately committed to each other much to Penguin's disdain and Penguin retaliated by seemingly having Isabella killed. This came as a blow to viewers because as much as we'd love to see Ed run into Oswald's loving arms, it seems that this decision is only going to drive them further apart.

Penguin's Desire For Ed Has Driven Him To Extreme Lengths

Are Penguin and Ed made for each other? [via FOX]
Are Penguin and Ed made for each other? [via FOX]

When Penguin fell in love with Ed, we all hoped that the pair would give into the obvious chemistry between them and become more than just friends. However, the introduction of Isabella was like an arrow through the heart to Nygmobblepot shippers everywhere, delaying the pair ever getting together. Penguin's desire for a companion, mixed with the realization that Ed is who he wants to be with, has driven him to extreme lengths to make that dream relationship of his become a reality. Unfortunately it could have the opposite effect.

When Ed discovers Isabella's fate, he will likely go running into the loving arms of Penguin who will be there to comfort him and dry his tears. It'll be the perfect time for Penguin to highlight just how much he cares for Ed and refuse Ed will even take notice. However, even if a relationship does develop, it'll be doomed from the beginning as it'll be based on a lie — Penguin sabotaged Ed's chance at happiness so that he could fulfill his own desire to be happy and that's not something that'll be easy to forgive. Ed will likely turn away from Oswald once he discovers the truth.

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Will Penguin's Actions Set Up An Epic Rivalry Between The Two Villains?

Ed and Oswald could become sworn enemies. [via FOX]
Ed and Oswald could become sworn enemies. [via FOX]

Everybody knows that The Penguin and The Riddler are two of Batman's biggest nemesis' but even though they have a common enemy in Batman, they'd be much deadlier if they actually hated each other as well. That appears to be one possible direction for FOX's Gotham. Penguin may intend to love and honor Nygma but if Nygma finds out that Penguin is responsible for Isabella's death then there is no hope that they'll ever get together.

Moreover, we all talk about Penguin and his criminal past but let's not forget that Ed is incredibly intelligent and, dare I say it, more insane than Oswald. He may have taken a bit of a backseat while Oswald got his time in the spotlight during the mayoral campaign but that's no reason to underestimate the prince of puzzles. If Ed discovers the truth then the pair wouldn't simply end their friendship, Ed would likely start a civil war and that in itself could be devastating for all of Gotham — especially a Gotham where Batman has yet to exist.

Is There Any Hope For Nygmobblepot?

The chemistry between these two is off the charts. [via FOX]
The chemistry between these two is off the charts. [via FOX]

Even though Penguin was acting out of love when he seemingly disposed of Isabella, he could've done irreparable damage to his and Ed's friendship. However, it does raise the question — is there any hope for the pair to become romantically involved? It's still a possibility, the chemistry between the two characters is completely undeniable and Ed thinks very highly of Oswald. Also, we need to remember that the pair are still villains — their possible romantic interests are going to be severely limited by their history of murder.

If Ed does discover the truth then perhaps our hopes will be dashed but maybe he'll realize the love that drove Penguin to commit this heinous act, bringing them closer together. One can hope, right?

Check out a preview for next week's episode of Gotham:

Gotham is totally unpredictable, therefore we cannot make an assumption about what will happen with the two villainous characters. Our hopes of a Nygmobblepot relationship were a little dashed this week and if Penguin continues on this destructive path then our favorite ship may never sail.

Maybe Penguin should just try it the old fashioned way and tell Ed how he feels, you know, instead of murdering his girlfriend. The chemistry between Ed and Penguin is undeniable and platonic or not, their relationship has been one of the greatest pairings on this fall. We still have hope for Nygmobblepot to become a reality, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next on Gotham.

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