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Showtime's Penny Dreadful has dropped a full-length trailer that is both very spooky and incredibly sexy. Featuring some of the creepiest creatures from literary history, the show is a psycho-sexual horror that promises to bring the chills - and the thrills.

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But which macabre monsters can we expect to see to see in Penny Dreadful and why are they always taking their clothes off? For your viewing pleasure - and mild titillation - here's a breakdown of the creepy creatures in the Penny Dreadful trailer.

Before we begin, take a look at the full-length trailer:


Now let's have a look at those monsters in a little more detail.

Frankenstein and his creature

Penny Dreadful will see the introduction of Victor Frankenstein () and the Creature (). From the looks of the trailer, the Creature (remember kids, he's not a monster), will be big, bald and very strong.

Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde's most infamous creation is almost certain to put the "sex" into "psycho-sexual". Saying that, he's probably going to bring the "psycho" as well. I suspect things are going to get a little rough.


Blood suckers are everywhere at the moment (and I don't just mean those working in banks. Take that satire!) and vampires are very much a big part of Penny Dreadful. Luckily for us they are the sort that are less 'teenage angst' and more 'I want to rip your throat out and drink from your carotid artery.' This is a very much a good thing.

The big bad

"Where is your master?" asks 's intrepid explorer Sir Malcolm. "Right behind you" comes the bone-chilling response. Cut to a red-eyed vision of menace: the big bad of Penny Dreadful. Say hello to Dracula...

Penny Dreadful premieres May 11th on Showtime.

What were your thoughts on the Penny Dreadful trailer? Is this show something you'd like to sink your teeth into.



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