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If you've been spending the past week or so caught in a gripping dilemma over whether or not to peep at the latest Stephen King horror movie — that's currently taking the box office by storm — because let's face it, any tale of a killer clown is absolutely terrifying, this might help you make a decision. While there's little comfort to be drawn from a murderous, child-napping, balloon holding, shapeshifting demon, the minute you see him wiggling to Taylor Swift, you might be able to see the funny side.

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There's a scene in Andy Muschetti's recent adaptation of that features ol' Pennywise doing a creepy AF jig and dance routine for the film's heroine, Beverly. And, the internet being the internet, people have taken said moment and put it to a whole host of amusing* tracks. You can thank the genius over at Pennywise Dance on Twitter for this, because you're about to see this raging terror in a whole new light. Enjoy!

'Shake It Off' - Taylor Swift

'Cotten Eye Joe' - Rednex

'Beautiful People' - Marilyn Manson

'Hey Ya' - Outkast

'Happy' - Pharrell Williams

*For the Brits among you, it's well worth heading over to the Pennywise Dancing Twitter account because there are so many gems that didn't make it overseas — think Aqua, think Lou Bega, think Steps. You're welcome.

Has this made the idea of seeing IT a little easier to bear?


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