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Alisha Grauso

An international trailer for suspense thriller Penthouse North has been released for your eyeballs today, and it's explosive. And by "explosive", I mean glass. There's a lot of it shattering. Also shattering: 's bones, I can only assume.

Monaghan plays Sara Taylor, an photojournalist who was blinded while covering the events in Iraq. She is forced into a deadly game with the cruel and sadistic Hollander (), who is convinced there is a fortune in diamonds stashed away in her penthouse. When Sara claims not to know where the diamonds are, Hollander tortures her physically and psychologically in an effort to break her. The scrappy Sara fights back, though, and by the suspenseful climax, Sara gains the advantage...but will it be enough to save her?

Hmm. With this movie and news that Beetlejuice 2 is almost certainly in the works, might we call this the start of a comeback for Keaton's career?


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