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You don't need to be a comic book expert to enjoy superhero movies. Viewers of all ages can take in Marvel and DC's action-packed tales of good versus evil. That said, while Easter Eggs and comic connections are fun, the abundance of characters, storylines, and even universes can make it difficult for some to keep track of it all.

Note: Spoilers for Wonder Woman ahead.

The latest mix-up for comic novices involves Wonder Woman's as Steve Trevor, an American spy trying to shut down Germany's chemical warfare operation in WWI. Trevor sacrifices himself by blowing up the plane he is piloting to keep a deadly gas away from civilians.

Does a man named Steve sacrificing himself on a plane during a major world war seem familiar? There are similarities between Steve Trevor and Steve Rogers (played by ) in Captain America: The First Avenger, and some people are having trouble differentiating the two characters.

Twitter user Cinesnark shared an adorable post of her mom not letting go of the belief that Steve Trevor and Steve Rogers are indeed the same person, despite being played by different actors in different franchises.

We can all agree, at least, with "she shouldn't date Batman, he's too grumpy." But then Twitter was dotted with reactions jokingly confusing the two Steves.

Guys named Chris are all over superhero movies so it makes perfect sense that people would get them confused. Chris Pine even brought up the topic while recently hosting SNL, joking about the constant confusion in song. Even expert comic book readers might need to think twice when naming the actors who portray their favorite characters!

Wonder Woman is currently playing in theaters worldwide.


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