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Everything about DC's new film is mesmerizing; the casting, the special effects, the costumes. After years of doling out unsatisfying films, and 76 years after Wonder Woman's birth, we finally have a film that showcases all her glory. People are so enamored by this film that they're willing to pay to see it multiple times in theaters (which explains its 300 million box office success in the US), and some even took to recreating Gal Gadot's glorious costumes.

In short, the response to ' film is astoundingly enthusiastic.

That being said, Wonder Woman has a few hiccups. People seemed unimpressed with the scene in which Diana (in)conspicuously hides the Godkiller sword in the back of her blue ballgown.

Surely not even Wonder Woman could manage such a large and dangerous object latched to her dress? So many people doubted the trick's plausibility that they recreated the scene and test it out themselves.

Turns out, the doubters were wrong!

In the aptly named trend , social media users are using their own versions of the Godkiller to see if having a giant sword on to your back is actually feasible.

The trend was started by Eva Wei, whose friend wondered how accurate the gala scene in new Wonder Woman film is. Could someone really have a sword tied into their dress without experiencing extreme discomfort? Eva was the first to test it out.

"It worked.. surprisingly well. The sword sits pretty decent and I can walk and dance in it without that much of a fuss. So the verdict is that the scene is actually surprisingly plausible."

Recreating The Scene

With hundreds of photos now tied into this new trend, you'll be surprised that the general consensus is that this scene from Wonder Woman is actually feasible.

The trend stretched not only throughout social media platforms, but all the way into different fandoms.

Don't have your own Godkiller? A light saber will do.

Even Thor's hammer makes the cut.

It doesn't seem to work with pants, however.

Eva told us that she was really surprised when she saw people reacting to her post.

I couldn't have imagined that so many people would join the fun and try it out."

Women, men, and children of all ages are trying it out and they've all (mostly) come to the same conclusion: it works.

When we asked Eva if she thinks she could actually spend an entire evening with the Godkiller in her dress, she admitted,

A magic sword like the God Killer would probably adapt to my body, making it pretty comfortable to wear, but I'd prefer to have a scabbard if I were to wear a sword for an entire evening.

Have you tried this latest trend? Share your with us!

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