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Have you spent the last four years watching movies and thinking "Sure, I love Iron Man as much as the next non-billionaire, but where the hell is Pepper Potts?" I have, FYI.

Tony Stark's right-hand woman/on-off lover has been conspicuously absent from the ever since Iron Man 3, and while she did get a mention in Civil War, it wasn't good news for fans of the strawberry blonde — she and Stark had been torn apart by his continued use of the suit. I'm not saying I shed a tear for Pepper or anything, but I'm not saying I didn't.

But fear not! A rumor which just hit the internet suggests that the heavily-hyped will be seasoned with a small (organic, Goop-certified) sprinkling of Petter Potts.

More Homecoming:

According to, who have been right about Marvel rumors in past, Gwyneth Paltrow is too expensive for the studio to hire for a one-off appearance, but with Sony paying for Homecoming, Pepper Potts is back in the fold. The article sheds no light on what Pepper's role might be.

The Homecoming trailer (press play at your own risk — it's loaded with major plot spoilers) finds Peter Parker using his new Stark-gifted tech suit to play the vigilante, only to realize when it's too late that he's way out of his depth. The posters all prominently display Stark Tower on the NYC skyline, so it's not difficult to imagine that Peter and Tony will take a tour of Stark HQ — which, if the rumor bears fruit, is probably where we'll get reacquainted with Ms. Potts.

Considering it might also be the last time we meet the woman who may or may not be the love of Tony Stark's life (and regardless of whether they got back together), here's hoping Pepper gets more than just "12% of a moment" this time round.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7.

Is there any hope for Pepper and Tony, or should their relationship stay dead?

'Iron Man 3' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Iron Man 3' [Credit: Marvel Studios]



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