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Sophie Atkinson

I love the Cinema Sins gang and their mickey taking of movies. Like any good comedians, they know it's all about timing, and they've been canny enough to release comically critical looks at films just before the film's sequel debuts. We saw this last week with their short about the X-Men franchise just ahead of The Wolverine’s release and now poor ole Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief is their new victim with only a week to go until the sequel, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters debuts in theaters.

My favorite criticism 'Movie title has 27 syllables too many'. YES. Second fave: 'Zeus is a dick to doors'. Seriously Greek gods (and ), have some respect for furniture!

As ever, this video is chock full of spoilers, so if that's not your sort of thing, maybe give it a miss until you've watched the first film. The nitpicky amongst you may note that their video runs a few seconds over 8 mins (the rest of the time is devoted to silly clips from the movie), in flagrant violation of their self-set limits to only piss-take for 8 mins or under. Luckily they're funny enough for us to forgive them, right?


And if you hate 'em, here's the Cinema Sins guys making a list of their own sins:


Let me know what you think of the Percy Jackson sins below!


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