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Ever since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, fans have loved Hector Barbossa's pet, Jack the Monkey, one of the few characters to have appeared in every single Pirates movie. But using a live animal has landed Disney's billion-dollar ship in some hot water.

As reported by British tabloid The Sun, Kaya Scodelario — who plays Carina Smyth in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales — revealed the capuchin that played Jack the Monkey had been constantly puking on set:

“He had a very tiny stomach and when we were filming on the boat he would just projectile vomit in the middle of scenes, which I found hilarious.”

'Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl' [Credit: Disney]
'Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl' [Credit: Disney]

After this interview came out, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals senior vice president Colleen O'Brien released a statement, urging Disney to use computer-generated monkeys for future installments of the franchise.

"Dead men may tell no tales, but reports of capuchins vomiting uncontrollably and biting a makeup artist on the Pirates of the Caribbean set speak for themselves. PETA is calling on the film's producers to wise up, join the modern age of computer-generated imagery and stop forcing sensitive wild animals to perform on camera.

Back in 2015, the monkey playing Jack also wounded a makeup artist on set, as O'Brien mentions in her statement. To make matters worse, PETA claims that Disney ignored its warnings that the sensitive Capuchin monkeys would suffer in transit to Australia. PETA also calls out Disney's animal supplier Joe Suffredini of Avian Entertainment for violating the federal Animal Welfare Act:

"Some of his U.S. Department of Agriculture citations are for having filthy and inadequate enclosures, failing to supply adequate environmental enrichment and not having an adequate program of veterinary care."

At the moment, neither Disney nor producer Jerry Bruckheimer have spoken out on the matter.

This incident comes months after footage leaked on the set of the movie, A Dog's Purpose, causing outcry over footage of a dog being dragged into water rapids. PETA spoke out on that situation as well. Although the movie's producer, Gavin Polone, claims the footage was deceptive, it brought a lot of attention to the question of whether Hollywood should still be using live animals when CGI is photorealistic now and eliminates the possibility of inhumane treatment.

The sixth installment of the Pirates franchise is only rumored at the moment, so Jack the Monkey's future will be decided at a later date. But since Dead Men Tell No Tales has earned more than $326 million worldwide, it's likely that we are not done yet with the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow — who, it should be noted, was a CGI creation himself for part of the latest film.

What do you think? Should Jack the Monkey be CGI from now on? Leave your thoughts down below!

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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