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It's always a pretty awesome thing when you learn that actors or actresses who step into iconic roles have been fans of the source material ever since they were kids. With Doctor Who's decades-spanning longevity, many of the thespians involved with the modern era have been long-time fans ever since the classic era, just like millions of Whovians around the world. Tenth Doctor claimed it was the reason he wanted to start acting as a kid, and now, Twelfth Doctor joins the long list of actors who have always idolized the Doctor.

Rarely, however, has there been such cool proof of that love than this. Check out the name on the bottom right-hand corner:

What's that, you ask? Oh, you know, just a bit of fan art submitted to Doctor Who International Fan Club Magazine back in 1976. You know, almost four decades before that same young boy would grow up to be the next madman in the blue box. Not to be stopped there, Capaldi also wrote a brief article on the iconic, trippy opening credits sequence.

Awesome. Whatever your feelings on Doctor Who casting another straight, white male for the role of the next Doctor, you can't deny that Capaldi has a deep and abiding love for the source material, which is something that should endear him to fans everywhere.

Now, if only he'll remember to put the brakes on the TARDIS when landing.

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