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It has only been a few weeks since Peter Dinklage was reported to star in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, and details on his role have been scarce to say the least. We have had no hint at the possible character the actor could portray, and the speculation has revolved around only a few characters.

Among those characters tossed around, many have speculated he'd be portraying Pip the Troll in the film. While there were no solid clues or anything that pointed to Dinklage playing Pip, fans speculated it could be the case due to Pip's role in the Infinity Gauntlet comic book arc, his connection to Thanos, and Peter Dinklage's short stature. But now we may have our first piece of evidence that all but confirms the theory.

Did Dinklage's New Dye Job Give It Away?

The Daily Mail recently snapped getting his hair dyed a fiery red color (I can't post those photos, but I can post a tweet - go figure). Now, an actor dying his/her hair normally wouldn't be a big deal, but this, coupled with the fact that Infinity War reportedly has begun filming today, has sparked my interest.

Dinklage's new hair color and style are reminiscent of Pip the Troll's comic book appearance. But while he is all but certain portraying Pip the Troll, I may have stumbled across another potential character that the Game of Thrones actor could be playing.

Could Dinklage Actually Be Portraying Skunge?

Skunge [Credit: Marvel]
Skunge [Credit: Marvel]

If you're reading this and know who Skunge is, then my hat is off to you; I had to dig deep into the dark corners of the internet to find out anything on this villainous troll.

While searching for images of Pip the Troll I came across an image of minor villain Skunge, who bears a striking resemblance to Peter Dinklage with his new hair and goatee. In fact, he bears more of a resemblance to Dinklage than Pip the Troll does. Could he actually be playing Skunge and not Pip, as most have thought? I came across two important pieces of information that add some plausibility to my theory:

  • He is a minion of Nebula, the adopted sister of Gamora.
  • He has only appeared in five comics, one of which was titled "The Legacy of Thanos"

We already know the man is talented enough to play just about any character he pleases...

Yet, everything seems to tick the boxes for this lesser-known character (granted, Pip himself isn't exactly a Marvel comics A-lister). His brief appearance in the Marvel mythos is tied to both Thanos, the villain of and Nebula.

What's interesting about the Nebula connection is that Karen Gillan recently revealed that she would be returning as the adopted daughter of Thanos in Infinity War. With this announcement and Dinklage's current looks, I genuinely believe that Marvel are throwing us a curveball on the Peter Dinklage front, and casting him as Skunge instead of Pip.

Pip the Troll
Pip the Troll

It is a certainty that Peter Dinklage is appearing in Avengers: Infinity War, but whether he is portraying Pip the Troll or Skunge remains to be seen. Personally, I would love to see Dinklage portray Skunge. Just imagine what he could do by adding a bit of Lannister flair to him.

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Who do you think Peter Dinklage is playing in Infinity War?

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