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The good folks over at Marvel Studios already have most of the MCU lined up to star in their upcoming blockbuster movie event, Avengers: Infinity War. Recently Tom Holland's Spider-Man has joined the ranks, as did rag-tag group of misfits the Guardians of the Galaxy. If all your favorite characters weren't enough to get you excited for this film, however, it seems a certain Game of Thrones star has thrown his hat into the ring for a key role. Peter Dinklage is in talks to bring his charm to Infinity War.

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A Key Role In Infinity War

Game of Thrones [Credit: HBO]
Game of Thrones [Credit: HBO]

Variety reports that the actor most known for his work as Tryrion Lannister on Game of Thrones will be joining the cast of Marvel's upcoming . Thanks to Game of Thrones moving its filming schedule from the summer months to the fall, Dinklage is able to work alongside our favorite heroes for the film that is scheduled to begin shooting in early summer 2017.

This isn't Dinklage's first foray into the Marvel realm, however, as he portrayed Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past. (That film being made by Fox rather than Marvel proper means this would still be his proper entry into the MCU.)

As of yet we have very little information regarding the film as a whole or what character Dinklage will be playing. However, the aforementioned Variety report, suggests that Dinklage's character will play a key role in the story. What we do know so far is that the Avengers – and every available character in the – will band together to battle the might of the Mad Titan Thanos, who will be wielding the incredibly powerful Infinity Stones that have been the through-line for all the MCU films.

Captain America: Civil War [Credit: Marvel Studios
Captain America: Civil War [Credit: Marvel Studios

At last count, the number of Marvel characters reported to appear in Avengers: Infinity War was over 68. That's heroes, villains, and side characters, but still, that is a lot of people for one movie. Whatever Peter Dinklage's character exact role is (M.O.D.O.K.? please let it be M.O.D.O.K.) he is a positive addition to this cast, and his acting chops are more than welcome in the MCU. If Dinklage's role is important, he could be one of Thanos's loyal servants, since we have met very little of his entourage.

Thanos [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Thanos [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Whatever the case may be, Marvel has proven time and again that they go after top tier talent. They constantly cast award winning actors, and Peter Dinklage will be a great addition to an already stunning line-up. Unfortunately, Avenger's: Infinity War does not begin filming for several months, but we'll keep you tuned in for the latest breaking news regarding the film. Avenger's: Infinity War is slated for a May, 4th 2018 release date!

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