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is steadily becoming the firm favorite to direct the much rumored Doctor Who Movie. Current Doctor has certainly thrown his weight behind the Jackson, but now three more Doctors have endorsed the The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug director.

At a recent Lords of Time convention at Auckland Girls Grammar School, previous Doctors Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann all heaped praise on Jackson.

Baker, the sixth actor to take on the iconic role said:

I could only think he would make an epic Doctor Who story. I would like to be cast, not as the Doctor, even if it's inside a furry suit. Maybe I could be a villain.

McCoy also gave Jackson his approval. This isn't too surprising considering he has just finished appearing in Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. McCoy, who plays Radagast the Brown, explained:

He knows what he's doing. If he was in charge of the budget he'd most likely want to film it on the moon and has the ability to do it. If he was using the resources of Weta they would make some amazing magic. It's really exciting and would be great fun and Peter Jackson has been a fan of Doctor who for years. I have been told that he's got my Doctor Who costume, he's also got my Radagast the Brown costume and I'm hanging on to my own clothes because he's not getting his hands on them I can tell you.

McGann then added:

I think he would be above trying to make anything trendy. The story would be strong. He would be ideal to make it he's above the kind of pressure, who could lean on him. He would make the best thing we have seen.

We know Jackson has been in talks with the show's creator Steven Moffat, but it's currently unclear if any decision has been made. But surely it has to happen? Jackson is obviously a pro at bring fantastical worlds to life, while you just know Weta Workshop could make some amazing Doctor Who monsters.

What do you think? Is Peter Jackson the only Doctor Who movie director for you, or do you have someone else in mind. Let me know below.


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