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Sophie Atkinson

Dear The Internet,

Why you so crazy?

When you spread that rumor that was set to direct an episode of Doctor Who my heart quivered with joy. The Lord of the Rings meetz daleks!? It was like Christmas come early. It was better than Christmas come early, because all Christmas means is an invigorating make out session with someone entirely inappropriate (that oddball from the office, your local Starbucks barista) and and vegging in front of the TV for hours at a time in a post-turkey existential haze.

But then Deadline killed the rumor.

'I can tell you with 100% certainty that there are no plans for Jackson to do any such thing.' Deadline’s Mike Fleming wrote.

'Jackson has been given an open-ended invitation to direct an episode of the series if he was ever available. It did not progress beyond that.'

Not cos Peter doesn't like Doctor Who, but because he's still shooting The Hobbit series, so he won't have time.

Internet, why you saying stuff that isn't true???? You're so mean. I'm not sure we should be friends before.

Yours furiously,


Dear Sophie,

Hey babe, it's your good pal The Internet here! Listen, honeypie, angel-cake, dollface. We've known each other for YEARS. You know what I'm like – endlessly entertaining, the most fun, but really, so prone to exaggeration.

But schweedie, aren't we all?

Anyhooz, I wouldn't let that mean ole Deadline journalist kill your buzz. I mean, he even admits, right at the bottom of the article, that he saw Peter Jackson 'two Comic-Cons ago' (what a name-dropper eh?) and:

'...when my son mentioned he was headed to a Doctor Who event, Jackson stopped him in his tracks – and they spent most of my interview time talking about their love for the series.'

See? If he loves Doctor Who that much, he’ll prob end up shooting an episode eventually. Right?

Hugs and kisses,

Stars and wishes,

Your BFF, The Internet

Pee ess: Stop looking at lolcats and GET A LIFE, loser.

Pee pee ess: Really, though.


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