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Matt Carter

The bridges of Germany will be safe for a little while longer, as 's remake of The Dam Busters has been put on hold due to his ongoing commitment The Hobbit trilogy. Speaking to NZ Newswire, Jackson's spokesperson Matt Dravitzki revealed:

The Dam Busters is still waiting in the wings. Wingnut Films retains the rights to remake the film.

Here's the synopsis for the long-gestating project:

Based on true WWII events, this remake of a classic 1955 film follows the key Air Force figures behind the notorious 1943 bombing of German dams known as 'Operation Chastise.' The story centers on engineer and inventor Barnes Wallis as he develops the ground-breaking military technology which ultimately led to the operation's success.

I really hope that Jackson can take on this project once his work with The Hobbit trilogy is completed, because it's a fantastic story of bravery, courage and sacrifice. Using bouncing bombs developed by Wallis, the Dambuster was a bombing raid on the Ruhr Valley dams carried out during WWII on May 17, 1943, which resulted in the death of 1600 Germans. 56 of the 133 Royal Air Force crew also failed to return home.


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