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It has been announced that , director of Bring It On and The Break Up, has been brought in to helm a new project, The Fifth Beatle, on the life of the founding father of the Beatles, Brian Epstein.

A much marginalized name in rock and roll history, Brian Epstein brought worldwide success to the group as their manager in the mid-1960s.

Based on a graphic novel written by , the movie will allow a closer look into the troubled final years of Epstein’s life, up to his death in 1967 due to an accidental overdose.

It also marks the first time a film has been granted unprecedented access to the Beatles’ musical back catalogue. The original author for the graphic novel, Tiwary, and (American Beauty) have been brought on board to help co-produce the feature.

In an interview on the The Fifth Beatle's website, Reed explains his fascination with bringing Brian Epstein's story to the big screen:

"He's the ultimate outsider who, against all odds, became the ultimate insider. He was responsible for shepherding the most popular artistic expression of "love" in the history of modern culture, and yet he wasn't allowed to express his own love during that time,"

In regard to Reed's past films, it will be quite interesting to see how he will direct The Fifth Beatle. His past films can be seen as quite playful, and a definite contrast to Brian Epstein's final years: As well as being gay and Jewish during a time of homophobia and anti-semitism, Epstein's drug addiction which began to spiral out of control, ultimately resulted in his death.

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