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Any horror fan who takes the genre seriously has no doubt seen, or at least heard of, the Phantasm movies. If not, you must have been hanging out in another dimension where the Tall Man, a fictional boogeyman played by in the series, does not control the population with his undead slaves. Fans like myself were heartbroken to hear of Angus's passing last year, but took some consolation from seeing him back in his defining role in last year's Phantasm Ravager. Enough of those tears, because the Tall Man is back to terrify you again! Confused? Stick around.

Let The Dead Bodies Wait!

Up until recently, magazine was a staple for the community to get behind-the-scenes information on the latest horror projects soon to hit the big and small screen. Unfortunately, Fangoria has severely reduced its printing to around 6 issues a year due to ever-increasing online competition, which is still a lot better than nothing in my opinion. So, how excited was I to see an old relic from Fangoria's heyday to surface on YouTube, in the form of TV ad starring our dear, sweet Tall Man? Pretty excited, I don't mind telling you, my understanding readers.

BEWARE THE BALL! [Credit: The Brooklyn Company, Inc.]
BEWARE THE BALL! [Credit: The Brooklyn Company, Inc.]

Filmed around the time of Phantasm II's release, and (arguably) the series' best sequel, Angus was a massive hit with horror audiences (and clearly a big draw for Fangoria itself). The ad is dripping with Scrim's deadpan delivery, which has made him an unforgettable modern-day boogeyman. I couldn't help but laugh when he raised his maniacal eyebrow and expressed his interest in full-color pictures of Freddy Krueger.

You may think Scrimm simply cashed in on his Tall Man persona, but I would say it's more because of his respect for the genre itself that he was able to attract such interest. I mean, remember when Daniel Craig appeared in those ads as James Bond? I think that was more likely due to the millions he was offered rather than his actual interest in the character. Either way, it's a fun time capsule that you need to check it out right this second.


Good old Angus, he will be sourly missed, that's for sure. At least YouTube is full of wonderful interviews to showcase his work. If you're still wanting more, why not check out my personal review of Phantasm Ravager below. Go on. Otherwise, I'll send the Tall Man to your home for a little chat.

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