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Hot off the success of 22 Jump Street and The Lego Movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller were hired to direct the Han Solo spinoff film. Fans couldn't have been more excited, and everything seemed to be going great. A star-studded cast was assembled, production kicked off, and the directing duo even had some fun by teasing fans with a sneak peek at the project. Unfortunately, those good times came to an end when they left the film over considerable creative differences, and were subsequently replaced by Ron Howard.

Departing a franchise as massive as in those terms is obviously not a pretty thing, and fans were left to wonder what was next for the talented pair. Their first post-Han Solo project has just come around, and it sounds really awesome.

Phil Lord And Chris Miller Are Back With A New Project

[Credit: Columbia Pictures]
[Credit: Columbia Pictures]

They may be best known for their big screen hits, but Lord and Miller are also quite familiar with the television world, having worked on shows like How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man On Earth. Now they're returning to the small screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, following a heavy bidding war between networks, the directing duo has sold a new comedy to ABC, We Can Do Better. The single-camera series will center around "a soccer mom who deals with her newly 'woke' life in the South as a parent, wife, American citizen and daughter of a hardcore conservative parents."

The show comes courtesy of 20th Century Fox Television, with which Lord and Miller currently have a deal. The pair is acting as executive producers alongside Seth Cohen (Workaholics, Son of Zorn) and Liz Cackowski (Community, The Last Man On Earth), who's also currently writing the show.

This Series Has The Potential To Be Something Really Special

I'm really excited to see the directing duo tackling the premise of social awareness, which can be a minefield. Back when debuted, we thought it would just be a silly comedy. But it dealt with themes like acceptance, self-confidence, and the friendly Lego figures even delved into the meaning of life.

It would be great to see Lord, Miller and Cackowski apply those same sensibilities to this new series. Going by the few story details available right now, having a protagonist dealing with not only her busy life, but also her extremely conservative parents could ideally offer the chance to delve into current topics like intolerance and acceptance. Granted, I may be reaching here, but it's a nice possibility. Overall, I'm really excited to see how this turns out.

and previously had two other TV shows that unfortunately didn't get past the first season, Son of Zorn and Rookies Making History. With those failed projects in mind, hopefully manages to connect with audiences as well as Lord and Millers' previous films have.

What do you think about Phil Lord and Chris Miller's new project? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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