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Oscar-winner is the latest in a long line of talent including the likes of , , , and to join 's Soviet era political thriller, Child 44.

According to Deadline, the 1950s-set drama follows a disgraced Soviet police officer who tries to solve a string of morbid child murders. The movie has been adapted from 's 2008 Man Booker Prize longlisted novel of the same name and carries a script from The Wire's .

Hardy will play a disgraced police agent, with Rapace as his troubled wife and Oldman as the Chief of Police investigating him. Hoffman's role is as yet unknown (as a suspect? Safe bet.), and he's joining Child 44 late, since shooting is already well underway. Still, even if Hoffman's role is still unclear, does it really matter? No. Because every time he's onscreen, this homeboy is working HARD.

Doesn't this just sound delightful?


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