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OK, guys, listen up for THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION. You might have spent the last 24 hours spinning into a Friend-zy over reports that Lisa Kudrow would be making a Phoebe Buffay-shaped comeback in a new Friends spin-off show, but I'm sorry (correction: devastated) to announce that those rumors have been debunked.

According to In Touch's report, Lisa Kudrow, who starred as the madcap hippy, had been in "serious talks" with Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, brainstorming potential storylines as they work together on Netflix's Grace and Frankie. The article stated:

Lisa’s character, Phoebe, “would probably be divorced now and living back in NYC. It’s only natural that she would occasionally bump into her old Central Perk gang ... It would be an epic TV moment. If there’s anyone that can make that happen, it’s Lisa.”

Although it was a little sad to think that the lives of those six pals had morphed beyond ordering pizza to each others' apartments and prodding an ugly naked dude with a giant stick, I for one would have been interested to see what they've been up to since. Does Phoebe have new comrades? Does she still jog like a raging maniac? Did she neglect her morals and decorate her entire flat in Pottery Barn furniture? Are her and Ursula pals now? Does she own a smelly cat? Need. To. Know.

But alas, Kudrow's spokesperson has just confirmed to Digital Spy that the actress "is not" working on any such project. Sigh.

To get real though, it's probably for the best. Any show that revives beloved characters is a big risk; especially considering that the Joey spin-off was cancelled after two seasons following a poor critical reception and lack of consistent audience. Yet it's been 13 years since the last episode of Friends aired and the show will always have a mammoth fanbase, so perhaps a few years down the line, another spin-off could be plonked back in the cards. We can but dream.

Would you be down for a Phoebe Friends spin-off?

(Source: In Touch, Digital Spy)


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