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Brian Salisbury

There are a lot of things about the Entourage movie that I don't quite understand. Namely, I don't understand the motivation behind making a movie version of Entourage. I say that not as a detractor, but as a fan. I liked the show quite a bit, but my concern is that movie will be a completely superfluous chore that effectively undoes the excellent and fitting end to the story put forth by the series...a la Sex & the City.

What is further baffling is this supposed reunion photo posted on Instagram by show creator . At first glance, the photo (bearing the caption "January 16 start date. Getting pumped") appears legit. But examined more closely, it REALLY looks like the photo was faked. Did Ellin Photoshop this group shop from several separate red carpet shots?


What do you guys think?

Via ComingSoon


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