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Karly Rayner

Hey guys! I've found us a time warp to 1995 and it is HOT in here. Remember those years of torment watching Pamela Anderson's scarlet clad slammers jiggling down the beach in slow motion? Now you can lay your adolescent mind to rest and see the bounciest beach balls in the business in the flesh!

Okay, Okay! I know you have seen it all in the naughty magazine you found in the woods before, but it's so much more fun to imagine it's the first time. I mean, you haven't seen them in over a decade anyway.


I feel like Pams puppies might have been dipped in the elixir of eternal youth. A career in lifeguarding must have done these buoyant lifesavers a world of good!

Does Pamela Andersson still have what it takes to stir up a tidal wave in your pants?

(Source: Drunken Stepfather)


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