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Post-apocalyptic young adult fiction adaptations seem to be all the rage at the moment. We've had The Hunger Games, Divergent and now The Maze Runner, a new YA franchise which pairs Battle Royale with Lord of the Flies (plus a massive maze).

The film, which is based on the first book of the series by author James Dashner, has received its first batch of images. As we've come very accustomed to seeing, we get a bunch of adolescents hanging around in tattered old post-apocalyptic fashion. But here are also some familiar faces among the crowd. See if you can spot them below:

That's right, The Maze Runner will feature Teen Wolf's and Game of Thrones' in some leading roles.

The Maze Runner concerns the adventures of a bunch of teenage boys who find themselves stranded in an area known as The Glade. Each month a new kid is delivered to The Glade by an elevator (see above). Once they arrive, they have no memory save for their name. One day however the elevator arrives and delivers it's first female to The Glade.

However, that isn't the only mystery in The Glade, at its border is a giant maze which opens everyday and closes every night. Each morning select members of the stranded youth, known as "runners", head into the maze to attempt to find a way out. However, they have to move quickly, because if they remain inside the maze at night, bad stuff happens.

What do you think? Will this be a decent addition to the young adult fiction genre, or have we seen too much already. Let me know below.


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