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Have you ever watched a movie and been so blown away by an actor that you immediately scour IMDB to find out everything about them? Have you ever tried to do so for an actor that isn't human? Last year saw some absolutely standout performances from a vast array of animals and creatures alike, and yet come awards season, their commitment to their craft remains all but forgotten.

Think back to the phenomenal seagull in The Shallows, the spritely corgi in Certain Women, or Black Philip the demonically possessed goat in The Witch, all of whom out performed the likes of say, Adam Sandler in, well, anything. Thankfully however, there are some blessed people in this world whose soul purpose is to, in their own small way, right this terrible wrong. Let me introduce to you "The Pigeon Movie Database."

The Pigeon Movie What!?

[Credit: http://pigeonmoviedb.blogspot]
[Credit: http://pigeonmoviedb.blogspot]

Yes, that's right, The Pigeon Movie Database is a thing that actually exists and quite frankly, it's everything. Meticulously trawling through a library of movies, the database documents each time a pigeon makes an outstanding contribution to cinema, including film stills of its performance and gives us some detailed analysis into the level of skill the particular scene required, and its deeper symbolism.

The Philosophy Behind The Pigeon Movie Database

After chancing upon the Pigeon Movie Database, one question comes to mind: what would lead a sane person to create such a thing? While the creator of the website remains anonymous, they do give us a delightful insight into how the database began:

"Once upon a time I didn't care for pigeons... but everything changed when I moved to a new apartment where my desk faced a window overlooking a roof densely populated by these feathered creatures.After several months of observation I developed a skill: I notice pigeons.”

Having explained the blogs origins, the creator goes on to emphasize the importance of giving deserved recognition to our feathered friends within the industry — which is long overdue:

"Nowadays, the use of uncredited animals in movies that produce profits of millions of dollars should be unthinkable. In some movies, dogs or other big mammals are credited but I think that it ought to be extended to other kinds of animals... like pigeons."

Pigeons Appear In More Movies Than You Realize

Toy Story 3 [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]
Toy Story 3 [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]

And once you take a look through the database, it soon becomes apparent that pigeons have appeared in more movies than you could ever comprehend, and even play pivotal roles in a few. Here's a selection of movies which the Pigeon Movie Database highlights as essential pigeon-viewing:

  • Predator 2
  • Mars Attacks
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Shame
  • The Matrix
  • The Talented Mr Ripley
  • Mary Poppins
  • Up


Has the Pigeon Movie Database forever changed how your watch films?


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