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Few horror icons can fully capture terror with their repartee. Freddy Krueger is known for his quippy one-liners, Chucky for his glib commentary and Leatherface for his incoherent wailing. Yet, all of these villains pale in comparison to the extradimensional Cenobite known as Pinhead. Brought to life by Doug Bradley in Clive Barker's 1987 Hellraiser, Pinhead is infamous for his eloquently disturbing prose.

Hailing from a realm of sadomasochism and evil, Pinhead's unsettling quotes have become somewhat of a trademark to an otherwise enigmatic character. His pursuits of pain and flesh are overshadowed only by his irreverent attitude towards man and God. Pinhead chooses his words carefully, suggesting that he possess great intelligence — a feature that only makes him even more of a terrifying figure.

So, in celebration of Doug Bradley's 62nd birthday on September 7th, here are 11 of Pinhead's most twisted and terrifying quotes from the Hellraiser franchise:

1. On The Weakness Of Man:

2. The World's Secret:

3. On Dreams And Nightmares:

4. The Hard Truth:

5. Violating The Sanctity Of Dreams:

6. An Eternity Of Torture Awaits:

7. 'Pain? How Dare You Use That Word!'

8. Pinhead's Ethos:

9. On Religion:

10. On What Lies Beyond This World:

11. Brace Yourself For The Pain To Come:

'I Am The Way'

Watching Pinhead evolve throughout the film franchise from an amoral human with sadomasochistic tendencies into a veritable Hell Priest truly establishes Pinhead as a pillar of '80s horror villains, and these quotes illustrate that his tongue is just as sharp as the razors with which he will tear your flesh apart.

You think you know pain? Your pitiful perceptions are nothing compared to this kind of pain. It is a suffering that would make Pinhead himself cringe:

What Hellraiser quote best describes your last bad breakup?


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