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With only a few short weeks until the updated Power Rangers hits the big screen, it's safe to say that the hype is real. Introducing a whole new cast, Saban's Power Rangers is likely to make a killing at the box office when it's released on March 24, cashing in on our nostalgia surrounding the beloved '90s TV show. If the TV spot with the classic theme tune wasn't enough to get you pumped, this interview with the cast by iconic Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson just might!

Kimberly Hart [Credit: Saban]
Kimberly Hart [Credit: Saban]

Amy Jo dropped in to surprise Dacre Montgomery (Jason/Red Ranger), Ludi Lin (Zack/Black Ranger), and Naomi Scott (the new Kimberly/Pink Ranger) during a press junket in Toronto, and interviewed them about the importance of their roles in the upcoming movie. All three instantly recognized her, and quickly jumped up to say hello. Dacre Montgomery also commented on Johnson's youthful appearance, saying:

Mate, you haven't aged! What is this?! I was seriously watching [Power Rangers clips of AJJ] yesterday... People tell me your show was in the '90s, but it might as well have been 2010!

Montgomery isn't wrong — take a look at the clip below and see for yourself!

Amy Jo Johnson first donned the pink lycra as Kimberly Hart all the way back in 1993, and starred as the character in the first three seasons of . She also starred in two movies based on the series: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997). Even though it's been 20 years (feel old yet?) since she last faced off against and Lord Zedd, she's still a fan of the franchise, but had no idea of the impact the show would go on to have.

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Johnson asks the cast if they think the new movie will have the same effect, and whether it will be as important to kids and younger fans who might not have grown up with the original series. Lin responds, saying:

"We get a lot of fan mail from the old school fans, but the other day this five-year-old kid came to visit me at this restaurant and his mom was telling me that for a whole year now since he knew there was a new Power Rangers movie, that he's been telling his friends at school about the Power Rangers. And for me, that's the whole remind the OG fans why they love the Power Rangers — teamwork and positive message that it brings. But also to instil that in the younger generation and have them think that working together and overcoming challenges together is a fun thing, positive thing to do."

Amy Jo and the new recruits then go on to (adorably) compare '90s Power Rangers with 2017's. Scott says she could never do all the acrobatics Johnson did, but Johnson says all they got to do was drive big machines, and weren't as enhanced as the Rangers 2.0 — check out the tech upgrades for yourself in the trailer below.

Every girl I knew as a kid wanted to be the Pink Ranger, and Amy Jo's contribution to the franchise and the character cannot be overstated. I'm excited to see her pass the torch to Naomi Scott, but no one will ever replace the original Pink Ranger in my eyes.


Which Power Ranger was your favorite as a kid?


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