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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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While fans of Orange is the New Black will instantly recognize Piper Chapman’s lovable slacker of a young brother Cal, did you know they both have an older brother called Danny, who is yet to appear on the show?

With both Piper and Cal prove to be terrible disappointments to their parents with one of them being locked up in Litchfield, and the other living an unapologetically unconventional lifestyle, all parental hopes lie on the shoulders of mystery brother Danny — but who is he? And just why is Cal's role so important in ?

Why Is Piper's Brother Cal So Important In Orange Is The New Black?

If there's been one life-support that Piper has had on the outside of those high Litchfield prison walls, it's been Cal. Although in Season 1 he seemed to play the role of her benevolent aggressor — revelling in the fact that he no longer was the family's sole disappointment— by Season 3, Piper and Cal had become panty business partners. By Season 4, they were allies.

Perhaps the most defining turning-point in Cal and Piper's relationship came in Season 3 when Piper was granted some much coveted furlough so as to attend her grandmother's funeral. During the funeral, Cal and his fiancée Neri decided that to make the most of the fact that Piper was free for a day, getting married right then and there while all the family was gathered to mourn their deceased grandmother. And although this was a slightly unorthodox decision, it was one that cemented Cal and Piper's sibling bond for good.

What Does Neri, Piper's Brother Cal's Wife Do For A Living?

Neri Chapman (originally Neri Feldman) is Cal's forthright wife. Not one to tread the beaten path, Neri is quite happy with the alternative lifestyle she and Cal have chosen — a life which allows them to live self-sufficiently off the grid for long stretches of time.

A hyperbaric welder by trade, it can be inferred that Neri enjoys welding at high pressures underwater, as is the nature of her profession. Although, whether she can continue to do this while pregnant (as was revealed in OITNB Season 4), remains to be seen.

And Just Who Is Piper And Cal's Mystery Brother, Danny?

'Orange is the New Black' [Credit: Netflix]
'Orange is the New Black' [Credit: Netflix]

Danny Chapman's only on-screen appearance so far has been in a family photograph from Season 1, Episode 1 of Orange is the New Black. The older of the Chapman siblings, Piper and Cal's errant older brother also seems to be — ironically — the most reliable. In Season 1, Episode 3 (directed by Jodi Foster), Cal refers to Danny as a doctor, and therefore the only Chapman child to make their parents proud.

While his absence from his grandmother's funeral may indicate that there is a family rift afoot, in this same episode, Piper tells Alex that her mother will be spending Mother's Day with her "unimprisoned children," suggesting that she would be spending it with both Cal and Danny.


Do you think Danny Chapman will finally make an appearance in OITNB Season 5?


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