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Deep water is a cold, mysterious place, and that's mostly because of sharks (because Sharknado was science, bitches). It's no wonder that horror movies prey on our fears of what might lie beneath in the dark of the perilous depths, but Piranha Shark puts an entirely different spin on marine massacre.

This tongue-in-cheek horror movie explores great white sharks that have been genetically modified to be the size of piranhas making their way into the aquariums of the elite. As their popularity spirals out of control, so do their rapid breeding patterns and eventually they spill in New York City's water supply. Alas, once they are there the piranha sharks don't create a peaceful sewer-based community. Instead they do what great white sharks do best and wreak bloody havoc on whoever they come across. Bathers beware!

Take a look at the gore and giggle packed trailer below:


What do you guys make of this out there, but entertaining plot?

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