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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is bringing back a staple character of the franchise that left quite a while ago: 's Will Turner. And to take full advantage of his return, the story is also bringing back William, Jr., now a young man looking for purpose in his life. So far, it looks like a cool continuation of the beloved character's storyline.

But with those two elements of Will Turner's story, fans have been wondering just where in the open sea was his first and only love: Elizabeth Swan, played by .

So far, it looked like the Turner family reunion the movie was trying to give us would be incomplete, as there was no sign of Elizabeth either in promotional material or story details. Well, turns out that wasn't the case, because... Knightley is officially part of the film. A new international trailer reveals her much-anticipated (but incredibly-spoilery) return:

The actress can be seen in only a split second, as she stares at the horizon. It was an incredibly brief appearance, but it doesn't matter, we know she is in the movie now.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

That split second offers an enormous question mark though: What exactly is she doing in the movie? Will she be joining Will Turner in whatever mess he got himself into? Is she just in a cameo? Or, more interestingly, could she be in a flashback sequence?

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That's completely possible. We have to remember, we don't even know if she's alive at this point in the timeline. After all, a long time has passed since we last saw her so we have literally no idea of what the heroine went through in over ten years.

I must say, it's quite unfortunate that spoiled such a big reveal, and in an international trailer of all places. It would have been cool to get the surprise while watching it in the theater. Still, it's also great to know the character is returning.

If you want to know what Elizabeth is up to in the movie, check out once it sails into theaters on 2017.

What do you think about Elizabeth Swan returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise? What is her role in Dead Men Tell No Tales? Let me know in the comments!


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