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The full length trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales' dropped yesterday, promising a thoroughly swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. But as this movie sets sail for cinemas, is this just the beginning of another trilogy?

The trailer certainly seems to suggest this:

If you were watching closely, you'll have noticed this cheeky teaser flash up on the screen. It seems that Dead Men Tell No Tales does indeed mark the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise — but if this is only the beginning of the end, then it seems likely that the course is laid for a new trilogy.

This doesn't really come as a surprise for anyone who has been following the news from the start, as rumblings of a soft reboot in the form of another trilogy first came to us (via IGN) from Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) himself.

"Basically they want to reboot the whole franchise, I think, and do something with me and my relationship with my son."

Henry is almost definitely the son of Will Turner. [Credit: Disney]
Henry is almost definitely the son of Will Turner. [Credit: Disney]

After the first trailer dropped, many fans suspected that new character Henry is indeed the son of Will and Elizabeth, and although haven't officially confirmed this it seems more and more likely that this is the case. So if that's true, then Bloom's "reboot" comment is probably also true, hinting that Disney are intending Dead Men Tell No Tales to be the start of a new adventure.

Kaya Scoledario — who plays Carina in the new movie — made a similar comment to DigitalSpy in 2015.

"[The producers] want to take it back to the beginning again. They wanted it to have this epic journey, and for it to make sense, and for it to tie things up, and also lead to new storylines."

Carina and Henry join Jack Sparrow for a new adventure. [Credit: Disney]
Carina and Henry join Jack Sparrow for a new adventure. [Credit: Disney]

This is all the information we can scrape together, but all signs seem to be pointing to a new trilogy. If there are two more movies after Dead Men Tell No Tales, this would also explain Will's role in the story — while the previous trailers teased his entrance, the son of Bootstrap Bill was notably absent from this new trailer. And then of course there's Elizabeth Swann's rumored appearance in a post credits scene that may set up the rest of the trilogy.

So keep a weather eye on the horizon — there be more Pirates movies coming our way soon!


Do you think 'Pirates 5' should start a new trilogy?

(Source: IGN, DigitalSpy)

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