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Hoist the mainsail, batten down the hatches, and man the poop deck. As explores uncharted waters with the fifth film, the multi-billion dollar franchise is showing no signs of sinking just yet.

Sure, the fourth film, Stranger Tides, may have been the most expensive film ever made, but it also sailed away with a tidy profit and broke records worldwide. As Captain Jack once again laces up his boots for 's next adventure, all eyes are on whether the Black Pearl can continue to escape its curse, or whether we are destined for a trip to the briny deep. As part of CinemaCon, some lucky sea dogs were treated to an advanced screening of the film, and the reviews are in ahead of its May 26 release.

Shiver Me Timbers

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Take everything with a pinch of salt, and remember the advance reviews raved about Batman v Superman, but all being well, it looks like the seas ahead are calm for Dead Men Tell No Tales. In particular, viewers praised the acting of leads Depp and , with Bardem's Captain Salazar standing out as a formidable villain in the franchise's rogues gallery of squids and skeletons:

So, just when you think you want to see the back of Jack, the quippy pirate comes stumbling onto our screens to remind us why we fell in love with him back in 2003. Seeming like more than just being another notch on the bedpost, it sounds like Pirates 5 is also a faithful continuation of the films before and the Disney ride it is based on:

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It is great to see how many fans saw the film as a "pleasant surprise," arguing that they can't get enough of Captain Jack — definitely some relief to Johnny Depp's recent string of flops. While we have to wait a little longer to make up our minds for ourselves, Dead Men also sees the anticipated return of as Will Turner, reprising his role as the new Davy Jones after the third film. There is still no news on whether Keira Knightley's Elizabeth Swann has managed to squeeze in a cameo or whether Paul McCartney swam aboard, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

It is hoped that Dead Men will springboard a new chapter of films, while certainly the likes of Depp, Bloom, and seem happy to carry on for as long as the story feels right. This is likely just the prow of the franchise, leading on to Pirates of the Caribbean 10: The Search for Jack's Teeth.

Check out the trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales, and don't forget our poll below!


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