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Though sequels tend to be synonyms of rushed productions and flawed plots, in the world of , we're always looking forward to extended time with our beloved characters. After Finding Dory, which followed up on Dory's character from Finding Nemo, we can look forward to The Incredibles 2 — finally! — and Cars 3.

So far, the third installment in the series, set for release on June 16, 2017, has been teased in a surprisingly non-Pixar way. After a short spot depicting a harrowing accident on the race track, we've now been offered a second equally puzzling teaser, introducing two new characters in the sleekest, least children-oriented aesthetic possible.

Watch The Strange New Teaser For 'Cars 3'

We're introduced to two new aspiring lightning bolts: Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. Lightning McQueen doesn't look so bad himself, but if you take into account the first teaser, his hood isn't going to stay shiny for long.

Aside from the fate of #95, however, the most intriguing thing about the new teaser trailer is the tone; are we really looking at a Pixar teaser, or is this secretly an ad for a new line of Fast & Furious themed Cars toys?

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'Cars 3' [Credit: Disney Pixar]
'Cars 3' [Credit: Disney Pixar]

It might be a carefully planned campaign that is going to be turned on its head once the first full trailer is released, or it could be that the studio is really aiming to tap into a whole new demographic — less young children and more car-obsessed teenagers with an eye for detail and the wallet to buy collectibles.

But the fact that Cars is moving away from Mater-style goofiness could also simply mean that the franchise has grown up, bringing Cars 3 even closer to adult audiences than most Pixar movies already are. And if this movie is going to get out the full emotional package about the passage of time, you better get your tissues ready.

Are you looking forward to Cars 3, or do you think two movies were enough already?

'Cars 3' [Credit: Disney Pixar]
'Cars 3' [Credit: Disney Pixar]


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