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The campaign for the upcoming Cars 3 had been taking unusually dark turns for a Disney Pixar movie, with teasers showing flashbacks of hero Lightning McQueen in a rough accident, and a sense of impending doom looming over the whole affair. Thankfully, the first full has now been released and finally tells us what the third chapter of the series will be all about: legacy.

In a classic twist for the tale of a champion, Cars 3 will be all about how McQueen deals with the twilight of his fame. With the help of Cruz Ramirez, he will fight to keep himself relevant — and because it's a Pixar movie, we can count on him to find a new purpose in life.

Watch The First Full Trailer For 'Cars 3'

As always, our Lightning McQueen can't stomach the idea of losing a race, but this time the pressure feels stronger than ever: He's aging, and the arrival of younger, more modern and more technically advanced cars on the tracks has made him terrified of being relegated to the ranks of a has-been.

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Voiced by Armie Hammer, his biggest rival is the sleek Jackson Storm. McQueen is determined to not let him win the Florida 500, so he decides he's going to learn the tricks of the youths. Will he succeed, or should he let the spotlight fade? The trailer already sprinkles more inspirational quotes than a tumblr could handle, so it looks like we're in for a treat of a family movie. Personal favorite:

"Don't fear failure, be afraid of not having the chance."

Cars 3 will be released June 16, 2017.

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