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Pixar reveals cast, plot, and footage for 'Inside Out' at D23...

D23, the massive Disney fan conference in Anaheim, has officially kicked off, and it has been difficult to keep up with the news already spilling out onto the web. Today, Pixar's Inside Out voice cast was revealed. Inside Out, directed by (Up) will take place in the mind of an eleven-year-old girl named Riley; her emotions represented by various characters.

will voice Joy

will play Anger

will portray Fear

will voice Disgust

and The Office's will play Sadness

In addition to the cast, D23 yielded the first footage from Inside Out which in turn revealed a few more plot specifics. As relayed by /Film, it appears that Riley is a hockey-loving tween from Minnesota who experiences a major upheaval when her family moves to San Francisco. The characters in her head track her complex emotional states. The footage also showed that Joy will be the main character, and that Riley's consciousness will be viewed as a screen with the various characters at the controls at different points. Memories are stored like DVDs on a shelf and can be replayed at any time.

/Film goes on to tell us...

One space, Long-Term Memory, looks like a huge room. There are Imaginationland, Abstract Thought, and Dream Production (looks like a movie lot), all connected by the Train of Thought. Headquarters is left with Anger, Fear and Disgust in charge. Things are hard for Riley.

In one clip, the girl’s family is talking. We see Riley, and the three are in control of her mind. The scene cuts between the family conversation and Headquarters. Disgust pretends to be joy. Mom gets mad and we see into Mom’s emotions — they say “did you notice that?” It’s like the emotions are a greek chorus for everything going on as the footage goes between the human characters and the personified emotions controlling them.

Apparently, Pixar honcho called Inside Out “one of the most unique films I’ve ever been associated with – a magical, wonderful, original film.”

Count me in!


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