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There are so many mind-blowing animated movies these days for viewers of all ages to enjoy. Dreamworks has been making magic in a bottle, but perfected the approach since the beginning with .

Ever since then, every Pixar movie has been nothing short of magical, and the company hasn't failed us yet. Pixar has always been known for creating fresh, original films that become iconic over time, and for taking risks that most companies wouldn't dare to try.

However, with the amount of sequels that Pixar has been pushing out, some fans are becoming a bit worried that the animation studio will begin to follow the same clichès that most studios make.

Pixar has built up such a large brand — with beloved properties such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo — that they could rely on sequels and reboots for the next 10 years. Their upcoming slate is 75 percent sequels. We have Cars 3, The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 coming up, with Coco being the only original movie.

Even looking at the most recent movies, Pixar has made a ton of sequels such as Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Monsters University and Finding Dory. Fortunately, a Pixar vice president is trying to soothe fans' fears.

At the the SF International Film Festival on Saturday, during the inaugural Creativity Summit, film execs were asked about their heavy use of sequels. Lindsey Collins, a Pixar producer and VP of development, did not shy away from the question, explaining that they're trying to find a good balance between original stories and follow-up adventures with fan-favorite characters:

“The only reason they look like they’re clumped is because we can’t predict how they come together. It’s pathetic, actually, that we can’t do this better, but we really can’t. If we were better at it, we’d be spreading things out — original, original, sequel — but the reality becomes sequel, sequel, original, original and we just kind of have to go with it.”

There you have it: Pixar technically just classified themselves as "pathetic." How many people on Earth would agree with that assessment? Probably not many!

After Collins spoke, Disney animation editor Edmund Catmull took an indirect hit at other animation studios by calling their sequels "lazy" in comparison:

“And there is a fuzzy kind of balance. There is no exact science to all of this. But if you look at ‘Toy Story 2’ and ‘Toy Story 3,’ then it’s clear that this was really incredible art. There are sequels out there from other unnamed companies that…they’re not inherently bad, but there’s something about them that’s lazy.”

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As silly as this might sound coming from any other studio's mouth, Pixar actually has the right to say this, as they are years ahead of everyone else. With every sequel, we've received unique stories about our favorite characters, adding to the originals' legacies rather than hurting them. As long as Pixar continues to release unique and fresh movies that don't feel redundant — original or sequel — fans will cheer the results.

What do YOU think of Pixar's comments? What ratio do you want to see between original and sequel films? Discuss below!


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