ByDania Lerman, writer at
Dania Lerman

20 years ago today, our ever beloved, warm and goofy John Candy passed away. While his absence is, and always will be felt, the laughter he filled in our childhood hearts will NEVER fade. Here's why:

1) He created the concept of uncontrollable cuddle monster.

...which gave rise to one of the most hilarious and UNFORGETTABLE scenes in movie history.

2) This face:

...that made (/makes...who are we kidding) watching this movie a constant struggle to not wet our pants.

3) The belly-rolling, finger-wagging giggle that DEFINED the belly-rolling, finger-wagging giggle.

...that I still can't help but unleash on my brother when I prove him wrong. Which, I'll have you know, is often.

4) He did the Mess Around and put Ray Charles to shame.

...and there's nothing else we'll EVER want to do when driving.

5) He was clumsy, sensitive and vulnerable, and taught us it's okay.

Um...please excuse me while I wipe the tears off my keyboard...

We love you John, and ALWAYS will. Thanks for teaching us to laugh.


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