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I'm going to say this straight up; I'm a huge fan. I thought creature-feature The Mist was a minor masterpiece, The Waking Dead Season 1 is still the best one of the show and we all know how sublime The Shawshank Redeption is. Basically, if Darabont's name is attached to a project, I'm going to watch it.

So you can imagine my excitement when io9 held a round-table discussion with the writer/director/producer and talk turned to Conan and whether Darabont would be interested in bringing his own take on the Barbarian to the big screen. Darabont admitted:

I talked to [Jon] Bernthal about that very thing just a couple of months ago. I would still do a Conan movie! It would be an incredibly smart one. Because he could play what we've missed in Conan today on the screen. He's got some wit and he's got some intelligence. He's a canny, wily, brutal guy. Bernthal could play that, he really could...

is probably most famous for his role as Shane in The Walking Dead, where he gave a very muscular performance as his character struggled to control his rage, as the world he'd tried to build for himself and his best friend's wife collapsed around him. He would be a great choice for Conan in my opinion.

This is not the only Conan movie on the cards though, as is set to reprise the role in The Legend of Conan.

What do you guys think about a Darabont-helmed Conan? Would Bernthal be a good choice for the titular character? Let me know what you think below.


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