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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

As much as I enjoy being back with Sully and Mike in Monsters University, and harbor affection of apocalyptic levels for Toy Story 3 (I'll ignore that other automobile franchise), I far prefer it when Pixar focuses on making original movies. And next summer, we have a new one on the way: The Good Dinosaur!

All we had previously on this -directed vehicle was this synopsis:

What if the cataclysmic asteroid that forever changed life on Earth actually missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?

But, we now may have more than this short synopsis to play with. Paul Shirey of (via A113Animation), had these details to share, from when he attended a Disney marketing event recently:

The “good” dinosaur in question is named Jacob (pronounced Yacob) and the story follows him and his “pet boy” on an adventure to save their collective worlds.

The Pixar Times picked up on a key point here: the reference to the kid being the dinosaur's 'pet' suggests that on this version of Earth, humans are subordinate. The dino's are in charge, and I suspect, as the title stipulates a 'good' dinosaur, that the others logically are of the baddie ilk! Knowing Pixar, who have a penchant for taking on adult issues in the guise of a kids movie, we could have some biting social commentary coming up - slavery, inequality, third-world dictatorships, take your pick!

This all is rather How To Train Your Dragon-esque for me, just substitute a good dragon for a good dinosaur! What this 'adventure' is, however, I'm clueless. Bring on more speculation before it's May 30th 2014 release date.

What does everybody think? Have we got a dino-dictatorship to contend with here? Excited for The Good Dinosaur?


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