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(WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the shows listed.)

As much as we love science-fiction and fantasy TV series, one cannot just pretend to ignore plot holes and goofs in the script. While the undisputed king of plot holes was the TV show Lost, newer series have “sins” of their own. Some are obvious, some are subtle, but they are all making movies geeks out there question everything. Let’s have some fun today and see the top 10 plot flaws and holes in your favorite sci-fi series from the last year!

1. 'Lucifer': Chloe And The Blessed Child Timeline

'Lucifer' [Credit: Fox]
'Lucifer' [Credit: Fox]

Now, we know detective Chloe is a Blessed Child — a special individual who renders mortal when she is around him. Why only Lucifer become mortal around her and not the other creatures of divine (or satanic) descent is a question for a later date. The major plot hole we are all wanting to solve now is why didn’t Lucifer die when he was shot multiple times at the end of S01E01? He was around Chloe and she was born a Blessed Child, and yet he survived just fine.

2. 'Arrow': The Access Codes To Rubicon (Or Poor Clichés)

The TV show, now a Netflix status superstar, started with a bang and seems to move from plot hole to plot hole. Last year it was all about Damien Darhk, the Shadowspire and the Diggle family shenanigans. There are plenty of flaws in this season, but one stands out like a sore thumb: The Shadowspire leader give Amanda Waller and Layla 20 minutes each to decide whether they will give up the codes to the Rubicon. If he gave the two ladies 20 minutes to access the Rubicon, things would have sounded more logic. But giving them 20 minutes to decide actually gives Team Arrow enough time to save the day.

3. 'The Flash': Everyone Can Do Anything In The Lab

'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

At the beginning of 2016, Team was worked up about the Turtle, a villain who could slow the speed of those around him. Unfortunately, Earth-2’s Harrison Wells kills the Turtle and nobody suspects a thing, because (apparently) there are no security cameras in S.T.A.R. Labs. Besides the hi-tech vault used to imprison metahumans, everybody does pretty much anything they please in the lab (remember the original Wells?), but no one ever tries to learn what happened by checking the security cameras.

4. 'Game Of Thrones': Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

The biggest revelation of Season’s 6 premiere was that Melisandre was actually an old, ugly hag. The moment she removes her ruby necklace, the red-hot sorceress morphs into hell’s nightmare. But wait! Melisandre also took her necklace off in Season 4 in the bath, remember? While her apparent beauty may be achieved by using both the necklace and the potions she later refers to, removing the necklace was made to offer a huge revelation to the viewers. So, does her beauty power reside in the necklace, the potions or both?

5. 'Westworld': The Milk Man Bleeding Milk

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]
'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

is an aesthetic jewel, but it is produced by J.J. Abrams, and we all remember Lost, don’t we? One plot flaw that got people thinking was the host Walter, who drinks milk as it pours out of his bullet holes. If we are to suppose robots are just balloons leaking everything inside once you pop them, why didn’t Teddy Flood leak out whiskey when he got riddled at the bar? This may be a plot hole to be solved later on, but bleeding milk is surely an interesting issue to keep fans asking questions.

6. 'Jessica Jones': Variable Strength And Injury Potential

Throughout last season, Jessica's strength seemed to have varied while her injuries didn’t correlate with her powers. She would sometime punch her arm through glass and have no scratch, while other times she would carefully pick glass shards as they might injure her. Some viewers suppose that her varying strength comes as a result of her holding back after she kills Reva. Why would you hold back and struggle when you try to prevent someone from stabbing themselves with scissors?

7. 'Luke Cage': Owning A Bar While Trying To Lay Low?

Another 2016 Marvel–Netflix sensation, kept viewers glued to the screen ever since its debut. However, the show is riddled with plot holes. We first met Luke Cage in where he was a bar owner. When we meet him again in his own show, we learn that Luke is so determined to keep a low profile and not go back to prison, that he is afraid to work legally, preferring to be paid under the table in cash as a dishwasher.

8. '11.22.63': Resetting Everything, Or Not?

Stephen King’s novel 11.22.63 was turned into a TV series last year and everybody was really happy about it. That is, until you understand a major plot hole present in both the book and the show: When one goes through the time portal, everything resets. So, in order to learn if Oswald did really kill Kennedy, Al should have just simply gone back in time, kill Oswald, and return to find out if Kennedy lived. If killing Oswald would have still resulted in Kennedy’s death, it would have meant Oswald didn’t do it in the first place, or someone else was hired to kill JFK.

9. 'Legends Of Tomorrow': Killing The Bad Guy Twice

Three episodes in and we have the bad guy killed twice. So, you kill the villain once, wait for him to regenerate, stab him in the brain again, he then regenerates, and you repeat the killing as many times as necessary until Hawkgirl arrives and finishes the job. Then you leave his dead body behind knowing he would regenerate again. Really?

10. 'The Walking Dead': Jerry The Axe-Man fighting With A Gun

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

More a character flaw than a plot hole, Season 7’s Jerry the bodyguard doesn’t seem to deliver what he promises. Besides the fact that his positive, chubby and goofy personality seems out of place in the show’s atmosphere, Jerry is seen with an axe strapped to his back or in his hands, suggesting he should be quite proficient in using such a weapon. However, he spends his time fighting using a gun which is, really, boring thus far.

What other major plot flaws did you identify in last year’s sci-fi and fantasy series? Which ones bothered you the most?


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