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Now, this is a story all about how my favorite show missed some major details. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the last episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. This show happens to be one of my top 10 favorite shows of all time. I remember watching reruns on Superstation (now called TBS), before school and coming home after school to watch more reruns on the WB (before UPN merged with the network to form the CW). I continue to watch the show to this very day, as a grown man. Now, when you follow a show for so long, you start thinking about certain seasons, characters and memorable moments. With a sitcom, there's really not a distinct storyline. With most sitcoms, every episode stands on its own. The whole point of Fresh Prince was a kid from Philly moving to Cali to stay out of trouble after "one little fight" that scared his mother. However, there were moments that were sort of unanswered as the show progressed. I kept note of those.

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1. Will's Investment

During Season 5, Will was on the verge of marrying Lisa, played by Nia Long (Best Man Holiday, Keanu). With marriage, there definitely has to be income. Will sought out to find a get-rich-quick scheme and after many failed attempts, one actually presented itself. In the episode, "Slum Like it...Not!" Will convinces his Uncle Phil to buy an apartment complex. After sprucing the complex up, Will became the landlord. A few episodes later, Will is still trying to find a steady income. He landed an acting gig on a soap opera and after getting fired, he worked briefly with Uncle Phil's college friend, even though the final task he had Will do was illegal. I kept saying to myself when these episodes come on, "Will, what about your apartment complex?"

Unfortunately for Will, he and Lisa called the wedding off and at the start of Season 6, Will was still in school, but unemployed. He winded up getting a job on his cousin Hilary's talk show, but they completely ignored the fact that Will is a landlord.

2. Will's Mom's Marriage

Although Will and Lisa's marriage didn't go through because of certain insecurities and doubts, that's not to say their parents didn't have a happily ever after. At the end of "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll," Will's mother marries Lisa's father. The next time we saw Will's mother was in Season 6 during the two-parter Thanksgiving special, "There's the Rub." However, Lisa's Dad wasn't present, nor was there a mention of him. Did the writers and producers forget about the Season 5 finale?

3. Will's Old Flame

In Season 4, Will and Carlton were beginning their life in college. While setting up in their new apartment, Jazz unexpectedly threw a party at Will and Carlton's apartment. While Will went off to chase the partygoers that stole his TV, Carlton invited a girl by the name of Jackie, played by supermodel Tyra Banks. As Will returns from retrieving his TV, he sees Carlton and Jackie slow dancing. Will doesn't instantly know it's Jackie because her back is towards him. Once she turned around, the two of them locked eyes in recollection, much to Carlton's dismay. For half the season, Will and Jackie never actually dated. She felt Will hadn't matured since leaving Philly. The last time we saw Jackie, Will was challenged by a jock to drinking contest. Instead of backing down, Will accepted the challenge. Fed up with his immaturity, Jackie leaves Will at the frat party and is never heard from again. Did she drop out of school because of Will? Did she transfer to another school?

4. Will's Teacher Boss

Speaking of college, in the third episode of Season 4, "All Guts, No Glory," Will is enrolled in a philosophy class, but is intimidated because he had an encounter with a teacher that wasn't so pleasant. The twist — both the philosophy class and teacher turned out to be more amusing than Will could think of. After that episode, we don't return to that philosophy class. Two seasons later, the actor who played Will's teacher, Jim Meskimen, returns as the showrunner to Hilary's show, thus making him Will's boss for the remainder of the final season.

There are many more questions that have failed to be answered, like: Did Will graduate? What was his major? Even though it's a sitcom, details like the ones listed should be addressed. Regardless, this is still my favorite show of all time.

Here's a little theme music to see you out. You all know the words, so sing along:

Are there any other plot holes I missed from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Let me know with a comment!


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