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It's fair to say that Fox's Legion is a show that most viewers either absolutely love or totally hate. There isn't really any middle ground in this with the show's constantly twisting and turning plot that makes the viewer question just what — and who — is real. Fittingly, the show's debut season ended on an equally confusing note.

More confusing is one moment in the finale that has a striking similarity to another, very different franchise: Pokémon.

**Spoilers follow for the Legion Season 1 finale**

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Still here? Good.

After finally banishing the Shadow King from his body, David and Syd are talking on the balcony when, suddenly, a strange floating orb appears in front of them. David questions if it is one of Kerry's inventions and Syd responds "I think it likes you." The orb then scans David and before he can finish his sentence, it shrinks him down and traps him inside.

Suffice to say, fans were shocked and confused by this development. But, by Legion's standards, was anybody really surprised it would have a confusing ending? Many fans did notice a very odd similarity, though, quipping that David just got trapped in a Pokéball.

Yes, the floating orb very much resembled a and the way it captured David was very reminiscent of the way are captured.

Who knows, perhaps there is an element of Division Three who seek to capture all the mutants in the world to use to battle other organizations. The fans have already begun speculating on just what this mysterious Pokéball was and how it could be linked to the wider universe. Some have speculated it is an allusion to Magneto. In X-Men: Evolution, the Master of Magnetism used (human-sized) silver spheres to capture the X-Men. It's perfectly logical in a show about Professor Xavier's son there would be allusions to Magneto.

Others have speculated that the orb is similar to the one that appears in front of David in the seventh issue of the Legion comic. It does differ to the show as the ball in the comic speaks to David rather than capture him, but it could well be where it got the inspiration from.

Whatever the truth is, we'll just have to wait and find out. Noah Hawley has proven that he can tell a multi-layered story in a very intriguing way with this series, so let's just see what he has planned. As for the Pokemon reference... Gotta catch 'em all, right?

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