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What's the first game that pops into your head when you think of cute, cuddly critters? If you've been swept up in the recent Poké-craze overtaking the world, I'd hazard a guess your thoughts went straight to Pokémon. If not, however, a decidedly different game might have floated to the top of the cerebral fluid cushioning your brain.

Create a home, interact with cute animal villagers, and say goodbye to your life.
Create a home, interact with cute animal villagers, and say goodbye to your life.

That's right—Animal Crossing! The delightful Nintendo-developed game of boy-meets-animal that will slowly but surely suck your life away as you spend every second of your day building, running, and living in your own virtual town... Oh, and:

The meta is strong with this one.
The meta is strong with this one.

While catching and caring for Pokémon isn't quite the same as keeping an entire town's worth of cuddly critters happy, the whole "goofy animal" aspect of both games is similar...

...similar enough to combine the two concepts with surprising effectiveness! Which is just what some fan artists across the great dunes of the Internet have done. The result? Pokémon Crossing: the cutest town of Poké-denizens this side of the Happy Home Academy. Wouldn't you like to live amongst a pack of needy, eccentric Pokémon personalities, too?

source: Turtle-Arts
source: Turtle-Arts

DeviantArtist "Turtle-Arts" of Canada has provided us with her take on what a Pokéfied Animal Crossing would look like. Not only has she adorned the little rascals in vestments befitting their new home, she's given them personality, to boot. Their posture, their poses, their eyes—we can practically hear these characters talking in our heads! The normally speechless Pokémon we know so well have been transformed into walking, talking, next-door-neighbors we could imagine chatting it up with at the mailbox every morning.

source: Turtle-Arts
source: Turtle-Arts

Turtle-Arts isn't the only one who's re-imagined our favorite Pokés. Artist "luce-in-the-sky" has his own take on what the netizens of Pokémon Crossing might look like.

Once again, we find a lot of personality packed into small packages. The style may be different, but they're still instantly recognizable as both Pokémon and Animal Crossing characters. I especially love how the psychic Pokémon are always given little monocles. So sophisticated!

luce-in-the-sky has re-imagined a whole host of cuddly Pokémon Crossing characters on his tumblr if you can't get enough.

Not all artists, however, do entire series of characters. Some just draw one or two of their favorites, or an entire art piece rather than pure character designs.

Artist "twisted-melody" from the U.K. whipped up this delightful piece that turns Ash into the villager together with Pikachu and the original starters as iconic Animal Crossing characters.

Or how about this sketch of the Generation VI starters (and corresponding trainer-turned-villagers) by artist "creationbrewahoi?"

This bouncy piece from artist "tamarinfrog" takes the cover of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and expertly recreates it using Poké-fied characters (the "Population: Evolving!" is an especially nice touch).

And don't get me started on how ridiculously adorable her Pokémon Crossing version of Ampharos is:

She's even done some fake screenshots from a "Pokémon Crossing anime" based on the RP she was involved in, and they're so legit-looking, it makes us want a Pokémon Crossing anime!

Definitely check out tamarinfrog's deviantArt page, as she's got a whole wealth of amazing Pokémon Crossing art.

But, of course, that's not all!

What about this Umbreon and Mightyena by artist "racieb?"

Or this fantastic little sketch of Hypno and Drowzee by artist "g6rci6?"

Or this ice-cream-selling Vaporeon by artist "Free-Falling?"

Or, or, or, how about the most ridiculously well-dressed Butterfree you've ever seen by artist "Lhumina?"

And that's not even all there is to find out there! It seems this crossover could truly be what the public wants! Perhaps Nintendo and the Pokémon Company should put their heads together and dream up ideas for this future meeting of virtual creatures? Could this be the best idea we didn't even know we needed? Or would combining these two ideas be taking things one step too far into the world of jocosity?

We may never know...

...or will we?

I'll leave you with this final thought:

source: rollingrabbit on Tumblr
source: rollingrabbit on Tumblr

Other crossover ideas to whet your appetite while you ponder this question:

Would a Pokémon x Animal Crossing game be the best thing ever? What Pokémon would you wanna have as your neighbor? Let us know!


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