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2017, I choose you. While the original Pokémon anime series may be a distant dose of Throwback Thursday to some, it still means big business in Japan. We may only remember the adventures of Ash, Brock, and Misty, but has now spanned an impressive 20 seasons since its days in the Indigo League. First airing in 1998, we still hold a special place in our hearts for those opening titles and Jason Paige's husky vocals.

If you didn't know the lyrics word for word, you weren't worthy of wielding a Poké Ball, while real experts also knew all the words to the notoriously tricky Poké rap. I still can't get over that video of Paige singing the original theme tune just last year, but prepare to be bowled over by seeing more of the Pokémon series being brought spinning into 2017. Some clever so-and-so has reinvented the original theme song with 3D graphics, so could this prompt a 3D revival of the show?

'Futurama' [Credit: Fox]
'Futurama' [Credit: Fox]

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'Pokémon titles' [Credit: QuickDrawCreate]
'Pokémon titles' [Credit: QuickDrawCreate]

YouTube channel QuickDrawCreate has lovingly recreated the minute-long montage in glorious 3D beauty. We may have already seen 3D pocket monsters thanks to Nintendo's 3DS and Niantic's , but neither are a patch on this. QuickDrawCreate is trying to get ahead of the game with its rendering, and if the video doesn't kickstart a 3D continuation of the original series, nothing will. I would personally love to see Ash and Pikachu go on more adventures if this were the outcome. You can check out the full video below (subtitles not included):

Not only was the original Pokémon series a staple of Saturday morning television, the titles contain possibly one of the greatest songs of all time (sorry Britney, move over). Pokémon never managed to match the success of the series with its extended films (so far there are 20), but the modern reimagining shows us just what we could do if we ever wanted to create the classic nostalgia of the original with up-to-date technology.

It certainly looks a lot better than what 3D did to Arthur the aardvark for his film, or what happened to the poor "new" Fireman Sam. Sure, the humans may look a little off, but everyone from Bulbasaur to Arcanine look great with their 2017 makeover. While we can expect a live-action to start production in 2017, the rest of the Pokéverse seems pretty content with video games and anime; however, if we ever did want another feature-length outing, someone get QuickDrawCreate on the phone — I would pika-choose them to bring those cuddly critters to life!

Check out the original Pokémon title sequence and let us know which you think is better!


Which Pokémon titles do you prefer the most?


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