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The ultimate titan fight between the Dark Knight and Superman was like a bad '70s swingers party, with Martha squeezed between steel and leather for all the wrong reasons. Cartoon Hooligans have thrown their talented balls into this heated stand off by creating an imaginative cartoon that has this competitive bromance go toe-to-toe in the world of Pokemon. Finally, we get to see once and for all who the definitive Pokemon DC master truly is.

The breakdown of this Pokemon V DC cartoon showdown goes like this.

Let's Do This

[Credit: Cartoon Hooligans]
[Credit: Cartoon Hooligans]

Starting in Batman's corner is Nightwingwing formerly known as his child prodigy sidekick Robinbin. Batman's goal of the battle is to take down the undefeated and his Fortress of Solitude Pokemon gym, located in Metropolis City.

Unfortunately for our Caped Crusader, Nightwingwing's valiant and agile attacks aren't enough to break the shield of his kryptonian adversary, Supermane. After witnessing his beloved pupil suffer a serious can of whoop ass, Batman's usual steadfast resolve begins to crumble.

[Credit: Cartoon Hooligans]
[Credit: Cartoon Hooligans]

With the image of Vicky Vale's morning editorial feature "Batman Poked & Choked" anxiously projected in Batman's thoughts, Nightwingwing saves the day. With his dying breath, the spark of Pokemon evolvotion begins and the menacing embodiment of Gothic power, Batmanman is born.

Don't Mess With Batmanman

[Credit: Cartoon Hooligans]
[Credit: Cartoon Hooligans]

Batmanman is a master's mic-drop in any battle. His character is based on design elements from Gengar, Pignite and Emboar Pokemon to turn him into Batman's destructive punching machine. Resistant to all physical attacks, Batmanman turns the tide and brings down the formerly unstoppable Supermane.

What About Supermane?

[Credit: Cartoon Hooligans]
[Credit: Cartoon Hooligans]

Supermane, the Justice Pokemon, has the same kryptonian ability to absorb heat from the sun and use it as his main power source. With ice-beams of bad breath, indestructible skin and Superman's insurmountable strength, Supermane was no easy cat to defeat.

Supermane was based on three classic Pokemon; Arcanine with a little bit of Entei and Pyroar thrown in for good measure. Supermane is the Simba of Metropolis, being Superman's king of the Pokemon Jungle. Both Superman and his super Pokemon were supremely overconfident in their duel, just like their fabled punch and grunt from the DCEU.

Watch The Full Battle

The full fanboy clash is yours to watch in the above video. Even though it is tongue in cheek, I am sure the debate about who the true winner really was will be ongoing as usual. For me, I am happy the boy scout lost...again.

What other DC Pokemon crossovers would you want in your Pokemon gym?


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