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A Pokémon Go glitch has the game generating weird hybrid creatures. For some Pokémon fan artists, that glitch is a source of inspiration, with some who try to make Gijinka or human versions of Pokémon monsters.

Then there are those artists who revel in merging two of their artistic obsessions in a project that will keep them inspired for quite awhile. For Shawn Bowers, a Chicago-based digital artist who is obsessed with both Garfield, the lazy, lovable orange tabby, and Pokémon, it is an opportunity to create a world of hybrid "Garfemon."

Bowers has doodled his way to drawing a little over 150 of his Garfemon creatures. Here are 25 of my favorites:

1. Bulbagarf

2. Garfmander

3. Squirtfield

4. Catergarf

5. Eevfield

6. Garfsprout

7. Pinsfield

8. Victreegarf

9. Chansefield

10. Garfbok

11. Geogarf

12. Porygarf

13. Garflax

14. Garfiwag

15. Garfpix

16. Exeggugarf

17. Golgarf

18. Cugarf

19. Garfas

20. Venogarf

21. Weezfield

22. Meowthfield

23. Psygarf

24. Garftata

25. Garfdrill

Did you enjoy this creative Pokémon mashup? Then you'll really like seeing the Pokémon in Westeros in action:

Let me know your favorites in the comments section.


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