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When it comes to games you associate with the giddish effervescence of Pokemon, Mortal Kombat doesn't exactly spring to mind. Nevertheless, it's a delightfully incongruous crossover that's inspired galleries of fan art.

YouTuber and VFX artist Adrian Jensen was similarly inspired by the concept of Earthrealm and Kanto colliding, giving Pokemon the power to execute devastating fatalities on each other. Let's put it this way: It's going to be a lot harder to convince kids that their favorite pocket monster has simply 'fainted' with its entrails adorning the gym floor.

These hyper-violent finishing moves give us a glimpse into what the M rated world of Pokemon might look like, and it's a gross joy to behold...

Hyper Beeeeeam!

Fresh off the vine

Four arms are better than none

Midnight snack

Watch the full video below:

Pokemon FPS, anyone?

[Source: YouTube]


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