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It's a case of gotta, gotta, gotta catch 'em all as the Pokémon anime series continues with it "Sun and Moon" saga. Long gone are the days where avid fans could recite all 150 pocket monsters (in order), and with 802 currently in the Pokédex, it is hard to keep track of who is who in Kanto, Johto, and beyond. After two decades of colorful cartoon capers, the latest series is bringing back a long-lost favorite character. That's right, that big pink pr*ck Jigglypuff is back.

I'll Huff And I'll Puff

In the latest episode from Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon, fans saw the surprise reappearance of Jigglypuff after an extended leave of absence. As Ash and his classmates headed back to Kanto to visit Professor Oak, they had another nostalgia-filled battle with Team Rocket. Jigglypuff soon arrived on the scene, with Ash recognizing this particular one as the Pokémon from his past.

Hardly the voice of an angel, the petulant powder puff was notorious for putting the cast to sleep and then doodling on their faces. Not much has changed over the past 20 years of pocket monsters, so why would Jiggly change the habit of a lifetime? Also appearing in the next episode, hiding on a plane back to Aloha, the genderless troublemaker is now expected to be a semi-permanent part of the show. However, will Jiggly go back to its old days of being Ash's unwanted traveling companion?

Believe it or not, although has always remained a staple of our screens, Jigglypuff hasn't appeared in an episode since 2003. Last seen in the episode "A Poké-BLOCK Party!," Jiggly was continuing his usual mission of finding anyone who could make it through a song without nodding off. Some 668 episodes later, our wannabe pop star is back to cause more trouble for Ash and the gang.

It was an episode full of reunions with the likes of Ash's Muk, his herd of 30 Tauros, and old friend Bulbasaur, but Jigglypuff was by far the most missed. It is hard to imagine a show in which Ash didn't have Pikachu, Misty Staryu, and Brock Onix; so with Jigglypuff being a major part of Pokémon's early years, it is a struggle to see how we have gone so long without the favorite pink puff in our lives. Fans in the USA will have to wait a long time before the episode airs, but rest assured, it's time to get "Jiggly" with it.

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