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The newest Pokemon anime series, Pokemon Sun & Moon, caused quite a stir when two of the franchise's most famous characters, Brock and Misty, were noticeably absent. Since the series was a re-telling of Ash's journey to become a Pokemon Master, it may have made sense for the series' writers to ignore the previous Pokemon incarnations in favor of telling a brand new story - but fans weren't satisfied with the exclusion of such influential characters. Now, after being teased in the show's trailers, Ash's original friends are set to make a comeback in the latest Pokemon episodes – much to the delight of old school Pokemon trainers everywhere.

Pokemon Has A Nostalgic Reunion To Look Forward To

In the latest preview for , Ash returns to the place where his journey began: Kanto. Here, Ash meets Brock and Misty for the first time in Sun & Moon, and (as is the tradition of the Pokemon universe) engages in Pokemon battles with other trainers.

This serves as a callback to the original series, as Ash fought both Brock and Misty when they were running their own Pokemon gyms, with Brock commanding Pewter Gym and Misty leading the Cerulean Gym. Brock even gave Ash his first badge (the Boulder Badge), while Misty gave him the Cascade Badge. The two then became Ash's inseparable friends and joined him in countless adventures, making them just as synonymous with the Pokemon franchise as Ash himself.

However, the most exciting callbacks to the original series may be the Pokemon featured in the preview. As confirmed in earlier reports, Brock and Misty will not only own a Steelix and a Gyarados respectively, but these Pokemon will also be shown in their Mega Evolution forms. The trainers did own these Pokemon in the show's previous versions, but seeing these familiar faces get the Mega treatment will be something both old and new fans can look forward to. And of course, Misty still has a Psyduck by her side!

'Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!' [Credit: Toho]
'Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!' [Credit: Toho]

Given how important Brock and Misty are to Ash's origins and how popular they've become, their absence in this year's Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! caused an uproar. I Choose You! is the first Sun & Moon movie, acting as a retelling of the Indigo League arc - the very first arc of the original Pokemon series. Instead, Ash was joined by franchise newcomers Makoto and Souji. Adding insult to injury was the fact that Brock and Misty only appeared in the movie's ending credits in a shoehorned cameo, along with many of the main characters from the previous six series.

Following the backlash, it seems that the Pokemon creators paid close attention to the criticisms from their most loyal followers and brought back the fan-favorite characters, even though the pair will only be seen in a two-part special. However, for long-time Pokemon fans, this is more than enough and is something to get excited about.

After so many years, seeing Ash team up with Brock and Misty again will surely bring back many fond childhood memories among the show's older fans. The faithful duo will appear in a two-part special when Ash drops by Kanto.

Brock and Misty's appearances will air in Japan on September 14 and 21.

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